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For those of you on the T-mobile network and can’t use your phone on other network because of it being network locked we found a service for that. 


T-Mobile Device Unlock APP

As many have painfully discovered already, even if you install a custom ROM, and are able to get an unlock prompt from the phone, the code you buy over the internet will not work.

The T-mobile phones can only be unlocked via the T-Mobile Unlock APP which comes on the stock T- Mobile Rom under the T-Mobile Folder that comes with the phone [bloatware].

Working Bypass for The T-Mobile Unlock App

You are best option to bypass the t-mobile unlock app  is to go through an online site to unlock your device remotely.  They will be able to make the UNOFFICIAL request through the T-Mobile app itself and in a short time you will have the phone network unlocked remotely with no need to enter in any codes.   If you have done it, feel free to leave a comment below.

iPhone Unlock Service

If you have a T-Mobile iPhone and it is locked to a carrier then there is no unlock APPs for Apple devices. If you want to have full use of the phone, you can use an iphone unlock service instead.

The iPhone unlock service enables you to use your phone on any network around the world. This is crucial for travelers who want their phone unlocked so they can use it in different countries without paying extra fees.




The Android apps are the most important ones that are helping to fetch each and every need in the present day. The needs are endless.  The expectations are endless. So, there is always a requirement to bring newer changes in these apps to provide the best results to the users. For this important feedback, there is a necessity of Android Review sites to put to use all the valuable feedback in the Android app versions.


There are a number of apps that are listed under “Android”. These apps have plenty of features that become too useful for the users. The Android app is built for the mobile devices and there are some other versions that can be used on tablet PC to be run on Android OS. The facilities of the apps are increasing to facilitate a steep increase in its use. The software “Android” comprises of key applications besides just being software. They are all based on ARM architecture. They are fully available to be used on mobiles.


The feedback that is necessary for the improvements in the Android developments is collected in the reviews sites. These are needed to maintaining the reputation of the app. After analyzing the useful feedback strategies for their development are taken. The reviews are important for competition. The users are always requested to leave some feedback on the use of the apps. But it is a matter of regret, that some users do not bother about sending the reviews and just simply uninstall the app.

There is also a scheme of buying the reviews. Based on the ratings, the app developers can create new platforms to enhance the speeds, features and fix almost any problem. It is necessary for the developers to buy the reviews from the trusted websites. There are a number of websites that help in delivering useful and trusted feedback to the developers for further improvements.

Eminent Android App review sites:

  • AppFlillip-

This is one of the best ones which allows the user to submit reviews regarding an app. This website is a great one for specializing the marketing, setting the strategies for the apps, allows monetization as well as the optimization of the store.

  • AndroidTapp-

This is yet another app that has all the latest news and updates on the apps that are based on final recommendations from the developers. The reviews, benefits of the Android Apps, the mobile-friendly facilities are all dealt in a single page in this website which also includes the pricing scheme for the apps.

  • AppBrain-

The details in this review website are dealt in the form of the catalogs so that the user can browse through it easily. They give some of the latest reviews and important tips with all the pricing schemes. This app can be a great one to instantly share the additional features with the friends.

  • AndroidLib-

This is well known to be a top website which is a storehouse of all the latest reviews and the features of the websites. There are also some useful tips about the functioning of the apps. This website has an additional feature of “being browsed” which includes all the most popular features engaged in the app.

There is many other similar app review websites that help in getting information in a laid out and database format. The screenshots in these review sites become an additional benefit for the user to gather valuable information.


So, it is a good idea to go through the reviews well before installation of the apps. The competitive studies that are dealt in the Android Review websites are too good to give a right decision about which app will suit the needs of the user.


Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store Review : Download Aptoide and GetJar apps for PC

Know everything about Aptoide app installer and GetJar App Store, two leading app shores where you can find the app of your desire and download it on your device. Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store are both totally independent android app markets where you can find the app of your taste and you can chose from the unlimited choices offered by these marketplaces.

The efficiency of any app store depends on many factors and you cannot tell which one is better until you use them in person, we have made a list of features that are exclusive to these apps and which make these app stores more efficient and popular than others.

You can explore both Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store and see the hidden perks both of these app stores have to offer, we have listed the perks and special excusive features of each of them below, take a good look and see for yourself if you want to shop for your app there.

Aptoide app installer features:

  • Aptoide is the best organized app store you can ever find out there when compared to other leading app stores like Mobogenie and google play store. All the functions in the Aptoide app store are well categorized unlike in the google play store and that is what makes it one of the most convenient and efficient app stores out there.
  • Aptoide is one of the best app markets for developers right now as it lets the app developers manager their own independent app stores on their app market. The app developers actually get the recognition for their app and they can sell their apps separately and you can find the apps of a good developer all compiled at one place.

GetJar App Store review:

  • GetJar App Store needs no introduction, it was the first app store I ever used to download apps for my phone. It is the largest app store and you must have downloaded apps from GetJar App Store at least for your phone or tablet.
  • You can find apps for a huge number of operating systems, it is the oldest and biggest app store, and you can even download apps for your first touch screen phone or any old java phone. The Getjar app provides apps for Java ME, Symbian, Black Berry, and Windows Phone and many more operating systems. You can download apps for almost any touch screen phone and smartphone with this app store and from its huge collection of apps.

Download Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store apps on PC

If you want to download Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store apps on your PC, read the below given procedure carefully and run Aptoide and GetJar apps on the big screen of your PC whenever you want.

  • First of all you will need an android emulator to run android apk in your PC, and android emulator or app player mocks the interface of an android device on your PC and lets you run all the android apps on your computer.
  • If you do not have any app player preinstalled on your PC, I would recommend the Bluestacks app player as it has the most simple and elegant interface of all and you will get used to all the functions very quick.
  • Download the aptoide apk and GetJar App Store using our provided download link to download both app store apk on your PC.
  • Now open the android emulator and install any or both Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store on your computer using the android emulator.
  • Open the market place in the android menu of android emulator and download apps of your choice from any marketplaces.

We hope you can now decide with which app store you want to go with and download your apps from, you can always download both app markets and try both of them for yourself to see which one you like most. Thanks for reading our Aptoide Marketplace and GetJar App Store review and feel free to leave your views about both app stores and which one you liked more using the comment section below, we will be happy to hear from you.



5 Reasons to Use Node.js for Web Application Development

As web application development has reached its peak in being an important aspect of organizational development, the Node.js software has become an indispensable web application development services provider that allows for a number of advantages including high speed execution, easy code sharing, no translation of code, real time running and general appeal, making it an ideal software solution for aspiring industry leaders. This elaborate, consistent and hassle free software is the way to go due to these as well as additional advantages, as it allows organizations to grow and develop a competitive edge in an increasingly internet technology- oriented industry.

More and more web developers around the world today have turned towards the Node.js software as a solution to their web application development needs. Yet, the level of awareness when it comes to the fact that the Node.js development services have helped several businesses create successful web applications is surprisingly low. There is no denying the truth of the statement, however, that Node.js web development services is a coveted software solution across industries.

Node.js functions as a platform that not only hosts a user-friendly interface but also allows swift communication between a user and the system. It facilitates easy communication through which companies and clients can exchange useful information- for example, the promotion and sales of products.

Innostax is one of the certified Angular JS web application development companies offering premium Node.js web development services. We develop services and packages which are efficient, fast-performing and customized according to the clients’ requirements along with offering the basics of a Node.js web solution.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Node.js for web application development:

  1. High speed execution

Node.js web application development services are based on JavaScript, which ensures quick and easy execution, thus maximizing efficiency. Further, it also supports the feature of handling multiple requests from the clients as well as other businesses without having to compromise on the quality of the website experience. This is also beneficial if you consider the significantly lower memory usage for this software.

  1. Ease of sharing code

With Node.js, any web application development company facing issues with the set-up of the software has the option of contacting the Node Development Manager for assistance, making the process hassle free.

  1. Translation free

Due to the fact that Node.js uses the JavaScript for its execution, it also means that that user web application development company has no translations to make while programming on the server, as well as with the client. This makes it a far more lucrative web application development solution.

  1. Appeal across industries due to enhanced security

Node.js has an across the board appeal due to the fact that it is easier to learn. One of the major reasons for its mass appeal comes back to the fact JavaScript is not only well-known but also offers enhanced security for all the data.

  1. Real-time running

None of the web application development services available match Node.js’s ability to cater to the running applications in real-time, which makes it even more efficient.

Surely, aspiring industry leaders need to take note of the Node.js service pronto, given its many and varied benefits!



APUS LAUNCHER: Download Apus 1.8.9 / 1.8.6 APK Here

APUS launcher is an android application that belongs to the group of APUS group. It was released in July last year and is accessible in several languages including English, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Italian and Vietnamese. This application is user-friendly and it can simply be downloaded from Google play store from your android Smartphones.

Using APUS launcher, you can use come across a variety of applications and websites effortlessly through APUS mobile search, save your battery life and personalise your home screen according to your convenience. You can Download the latest Apus Launcher 1.8.9 from below link and can also check this application for Google Play Store.


APUS launcher offers several features like-

  • It can expediently trace any kind of application.
  • It cleans your device and helps to boost the speed of your device and you can switch between games and apps quicker than ever.
  • It acts as a reminder of your important dates and upcoming events.
  • It boosts up the battery life of your smartphone.
  • It offers variety of themes and gives a fresh look to your phone with attractive and trendy wallpapers.
  • It comes with a swipe feature that helps you to speedily find all the recently used apps.
  • It provides startling transition effects which helps you to flip through consecutive screens smoothly.



This app brings the most excellent instinctive feature to its users all around the world. When you first go through APUS launcher just after you download it, it reorganizes your home screen and exhibits the apps you use the most. It comes up with a rarely used file where you can drag and drop the app shortcuts which you use hardly ever.

It automatically gives an iOS look to al the icons available in your device. You can always change the style of your icons back to the original ones if you are not acquainted with the new designs.

Although it comes with its own search option but interestingly it also allows you to set Google as your default search engine. All you need to do is to choose another default search engine and click on the search option. When a small APUS logo appears on the left, you just have to choose a search engine of your choice from the menu.

APUS launcher is your problem solver when you need to rearrange your phone settings. You can always shift your apps to an application drawer if you want to find them easily. As a whole, it is a must have app for your smartphones.

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